[WriteLog] SO2R Controller Recommendations?

GW4BLE GW4BLE at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 24 21:12:43 EST 2003

I am considering purchase of a SO2R controller to use with Writelog, given
this is the Writelog reflector I guess the bias will be heavily towards the
W5XD keyer, that is to be expected of course and could well end up being my
final choice.

However, is there any merit in any of the other currently available
devices - the DXDoubler or arraysolutions maybe?

How does the W5XD handle SSB operation - is the transmit audio routed via
the soundcard, if so, how exactly?   Will I need extra isolation on
transmit, and could my RIGBlaster Plus be configured with the W5XD ?

Any user reports, advice etc... would be greatly appreciated.



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