[WriteLog] Baudot RY

Dave W7DPW w7dpw at attbi.com
Fri Jan 24 13:27:30 EST 2003

As I recollect RY is an alternating Mark Space combination in order to set
the limits for cortrect printing. When a RY sequence is sent, the Ranger
finder is adjusted to the limits of good print and then adjusted to be set
in the middle of that range.

For many years I used a model 19 and associated equipment.

LTRS which is all marking was used by the tape punch to correct for any mis
typing which I used a lot...

Personaloly I don't like the Diddle feature...

The Baudot code follows as can be found in :


R      01010
Y      10101

LTRS  11111

Dave W7DPW

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