[WriteLog] PTT not working in 10.41?

Bob Raker braker at kc.rr.com
Thu Jun 26 11:23:31 EDT 2003

 Has anyone else had a problem with the PTT signal (on both CW com port and
 LPT) after installing 10.41?  After trying it on two computers, I realized
 it may be the software - I tried it on another laptop running 10.37 - it
 works fine there.  I reloaded a full version and the 10.37 upgrade on
 #1 and now it is working fine. I am setting this up for FD and don't
 normally use PTT, so maybe I missed something along the way. (Laptop #1 is
 IBM 770 running Win98SE)
 Any assistance would be appreciated
 Bob w0br

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