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Allan Briscoe abriscoe at telus.net
Tue May 27 11:41:53 EDT 2003

Personally, I fall into John's "second" camp. I like my contesting program
to do that job best, then export the data into my "general"  logging program
to do all the things that I want done in a general logger, such as  award
tracking, info look-up on specific stations, ops, etc. I can not ever
envision myself as a single op station using an external data base DURING a
contest - way to busy for that !! lol.
...Allan B VE7XB

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> WriteLog is not a "full-featured" general logging program, although many
> it as such.  It's primarily a contesting program, and there's not much
> for Flying Horse during a contest.  I think most contesters save the
> log in ADIF and then import into another general logging program.  The
> is certainly starting to blur between contest programs trying to be
> loggers and general loggers trying to incorporate contesting features.
> There seem to be two camps - One wants "everything" in one program, and
> other wants a contesting program [full-featured] and a logging program
> featured] and wants each author to concentrate on being the best at what
> they do and not try ot be all things to all people.  When the latter is
> tried, the program often suffers from usability or more bugs, cost, etc.
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> Does WriteLog have the capability of importing external data from CD's
> Buckmaster, or Callbook (flying horse).  My other logging program allows
> to hit F3 with the callsign in the logging field and it looks up info info
> from the CD, such as the persons name and QTH, in a separate window.  I
> haven't been able to find any info on this in the help files.
> It sure is a nice feature, and I'm hoping WriteLog is also able to do
> Thanks for any suggestions, Mario N8XY
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