[WriteLog] Transmit lockup when computer starts up

Art Searle W2NRA w2nra at birdsandbeacons.com
Fri Apr 2 16:29:21 EST 2004

I had a similar problem when the PTT was
connected, if I remember correctly.  I think going
to version 10.46G of WriteLog solved my problem.
What version of WriteLog are you using?


> When the computer starts  and my FT-1000MP is
ON, the transmit comes on and
> stays locked.  The only way to clear this is to
turn the MP off, start WL and
> go to ports and click OK.  [The computer is
using Windows 95 and a parallel
> port for keying and PTT.]
> It appears that during the windows startup that
it poles all the ports.  Not
> sure why it puts the PTT line in a steady keyed
mode when WL is NOT running
> yet.
> Got one suggestion to use SO2R box which
isolates the MP from the computer.
> But there should be an easier way.
> 73
> Rod
> W7OM at aol.com

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