[WriteLog] Icom IC-756PROII and auto split

Robert B. Bonner rbonner at qro.com
Fri Apr 2 18:16:00 EST 2004


I've taken a renewed interest in computer logging recently with a
reconsecrated interest in radio contesting.

I've been monitoring the reflectors for Writelog and DXBase.  DXBase is my
daily logger so I've spent more time with it.

I run a pair of IC-756PROII's and right now one of them is on an ICOM CI-V
and the other is on a....  Hey guys you know about this?  Radio Shack

I was in my local store a week ago and saw this on the shelf, it is a cable
only NON-Powered DB9 to 1/8th inch Plug scanner adaptor.  I looked and said,
no this isn't it’s a NON-Powered CI-V...  UH HUH - UH HUH.

This is why I made my NON-Powered interface post last week.  Because the RS
cable works great with DXBase and I still haven't been able to make it fly
with Writelog.  I figure a 1 layer plug adapter with power hooked up to the
interface will make it fly.  So that is news #1 and death to EBay's flood of
29.95 and up adaptors.

The second is, I've been listening to you guys banter around about how the
IC-756PRO's won't go into split.

Have I been reading this correctly?  I admit this hasn't peaked my interest
and I hadn't read the messages fully because I'm not ready to do Writelog
contest logging on my 756 in a contest environment...

Anyway, I heard from what I've been reading that the 756 can't be commanded
into the split mode...  Is that right?

What I have been noticing on my 756 is under DXBase when I tell it to go to
a frequency on VFO A...  VFO B was going to the broadcast band like 1242KHz
or something like that.

So just now, I brought up radio 2 and told it to go to 14195.00 on VFO A and
14205.00 on VFO B.

When I hit the "go for it" button, the unit went to those frequencies and
self selected split....  HUM, I thought it wouldn't go to split?  I must
have remembered something wrong from what I'd read.

I went to radio 2 (the one on that $19.95 RS scanner interface and it did
exactly the same thing.

I figure you guys are looking for a click on the packet spot and have it go
Split and on the correct frequencies.

Sorry I already deleted those posts or I'd reread the last week's worth.
I'm too lazy to go back through the website...

Please just inform,


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