NEVER MIND: [WriteLog] Need help on RTTY lockout problem Icom vs. Kenwood

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at
Sat Apr 3 12:54:27 EST 2004

I figured it out.  I had changed the B radio PC to a faster computer with a
different network name.  I had to tell the A PC, controlling the Icom, the new
name of the B PC.  Kind of strange since I link from B to A.  Anyhow it worked.

Shack renovation on going even with the EA RTTY contest happening.  Installed my
two Ergotron monitor arms and the new 20" Dell flat screen.

The shack is getting a real comfortable feel to it.  New picture today

Since PW1 went tits up on Thursday, I'll try to get the AL-80B's connected so
I'll have a little better signal.

73, Don AA5AU

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First time connected as SO2R with the Icom 775 and Kenwood TS-870 on 2 networked

With "RTTY Single Tx Lockout - Last one wins" activated on both PC's, when I'm
transmitting on the Icom and key the Kenwood, the Icom does not unkey.

It works going the other way.  If I'm transmitting on the Kenwood and key the
Icom, the Kenwood transmitter unkeys.

I've never had this problem running a pair of Kenwoods.

I'm wondering if the lockout controls the radio PTT and not the COM port.  With
the Icom there is not radio control for PTT and I am having to use PTT from the
same COM port as FSK.

Any have any ideas?  I'm hoping this isn't a bug.


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