[WriteLog] XP to Win ME/Win 95 Woes Continue

Brian Sarkisian cqkg8co at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 21:07:02 EDT 2004

I think I am making progress, but still not quite
there.  Again as a reminder the XP,ME and 95 machines
see each other on the Windows network.  I can share
files, printers etc.

I have taken all the suggestions.

1. Computer Name All Caps
2. Password ALL Caps
3. Domain (the same name with ALL Caps
4. XP user is set up with password with all caps
5. even set up user accounts on the ME and 95 machine 
   per suggestion with all caps
6. Netbios/IPX/SPX on XP machine
7. Netbui installed on 95 and ME

Here is where I am at.  

If I log something a QSO or do a network gab on the
Win 95 and or Win ME machine, all the computers get
the information ... including the Win XP machine.

Now if I log something on the Win XP machine... the XP
machine logs it .. but the 95 and ME machine doesn't
get that information.

When I check the Writelog Network Status box on the
Win 95 and Win ME machine it says "lost connection to
C" which is the name of the XP machine.

The XP machines knows it connected, but the 95 and ME
machine hasn't figured it out.

Another ham that I know is having the same problem
trying to connect his Win XP Home and Win XP Pro
machines together.

Thank You

Brian, KG8CO

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