[WriteLog] FT1000MP + Rigblaster Plus

John E Bastin jbastin at sssnet.com
Wed Apr 7 21:44:42 EDT 2004

On Apr 6, 2004, at 11:02 PM, WW3S wrote:

>>>   If anybody has a similar configuration, and has managed to set it
>>> all up in such a way that ONLY
>>> a mode change on the transceiver is required, I would like to hear 
>>> how
>>> you did it!
> I dont think you can...cw uses one data line and RTTY usually uses
> TXD...when you put the jumper on both, the rigblaster wont work...

You can do it, it just requires a modification to the RigBlaster Plus 
to make it work.

NOTE: The following description details the settings I use with my 
FT1000MP. I can't guarantee results with any other FT1000-series model. 
All you can do is try.

The jumpers in the RigBlaster Plus that we're concerned with are the 
jumpers on P5. From the RigBlaster Plus manual:

"For keyboard CW operation you would normally set the software so it 
controls PTT on RTS and CW keying on DTR."

 From this I determined that I needed jumpers on P5 for PTT on RTS and 
DTR on Key. Also from the manual:

"For FSK keying you must connect the key out to the FSK keying 
terminals on the back of your radio. You may select both DTR for CW and 
TXD for FSK if your radio and software will accommodate that."

Well, it won't. If I have DTR on Key for CW, FSK doesn't work when I 
jumper TXD on Key. CW, however, doesn't care if I have both DTR on Key 
and TXD on Key jumpers in place.

Having gotten this far, I decided that the way to solve the problem was 
to put in an additional switch for the DTR on Key jumper. I drilled a 
small hole in the side of the RigBlaster Plus cover and installed a 
small SPST toggle switch. I ran wires from this switch to the DTR on 
Key jumper terminals on P5. When I want to do CW, I throw the switch to 
close the jumper on DTR on Key. When I want to do FSK, I switch it the 
other way, removing the jumper on DTR on Key. TXD on Key is jumpered 
all the time.

In addition to this, I had to build another switch box in the line from 
the 1/8" mini jack CW key output on the RigBlaster Plus. This is a DPDT 
switch. The line from the RigBlaster Plus goes into this box, one line 
comes out to the FT1000MP key jack for CW, and another line comes from 
the box to the RTTY jack on the back of the radio for FSK. Actually, 
the CW line goes into a Y connector cable. The other side of the Y goes 
to my electronic keyer. The single plug on the Y goes into the MP key 

I hope this helps those who want to do both CW and FSK using the 
RigBlaster Plus and the FT1000MP. If you have any questions about this 
setup, I'll try to help you out.


J o h n   B a s t i n           K 8 A J S
            jbastin at sssnet.com

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