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You don't need the @ characters when programming cw function keys. Just
enter the exact characters you want to transmit in cw. There are some
special operators for cw such as > and < to change the speed of the cw.


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>  It was raining today and I had little to do, so I played 
> with my 10.45M and decided to set up a General DXCC log that 
> would work for CW and RTTY.  I don't do phone if I can avoid 
> it. My question is in regard to the F key memories.  When I 
> set up memories ending in %e (stops rtty transmission) I 
> found that it sent an AR when in the CW mode.  I found that @ 
> does that also.  In my case, I would prefer that AR not be 
> sent when the memory ends in %e.  Do I have control over 
> that?  Surely, I have missed something in the help files. 73, Steve 
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