[WriteLog] 2nd rig control program

Duane Grotophorst n9dg at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 20:16:38 EDT 2004

Yes you do start the N4PY program(s) first then
WriteLog. The N4PY/WriteLog combo works quite nicely
with up to 4 separate sessions of the N4PY program all
running simultaneously. The communications between the
N4PY sessions and Writelog is all done on API
(software) level in the background, that leaves the
radio com ports available to drive the radios from the
N4PY program(s), not WriteLog.

The only major hitch I've encountered is that the
CW/PTT key port in WriteLog wants to follow the active
radio (or at least I haven't figured out a way to make
it work here). For my purposes an enhancement to
WriteLog to allow for a single com port be exclusively
dedicated for CW and/or PTT use (regardless the number
of radios) would be much more desirable. I could then
simply switch the CW/PTT key line along with the mic
signal between the 4 radios externally.


From:  "WW3S" <ww3s at zoominternet.net> 

I think how this works is you start PY's software and
then you start writelog and in writelog you set the
radio as a Ten Tec Pegasus...

73 Jamie

> On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 11:47:09 -0400, Alfred J.
Frugoli (KE1FO) wrote:
> >The question is can I do this (2 programs reading
and writing 1 com
port), or is there a plugin for writelog that allows
incrased radio control.
> N4PY says that his control program for TenTec and
Elecraft radios will
> do allow this. What it does is take control of the
serial port, but
> provide a virtual serial port that WriteLog (and
other logging
> programs) can address. One important gotcha -- as of
a few weeks ago,
> he says  his software will NOT allow WriteLog to
send CW through the
> virtual serial port.  N4PY's software is highly
regarded among those
> who have used it. It may work for other radios
besides TenTec and the
> K2. See his website.
> Jim Brown K9YC (ex-W9NEC)


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