[WriteLog] MK-1100

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Wed Apr 14 04:34:48 EDT 2004

  I am interested in the MK-1100, but I need a better understanding of its
  operation than I could get from the website description.  I will refer to
  connector labeling that is shown on the website prototype.
  If I am using WIN XP, will I still need to install UserPort, or
equivalent, to
  make these ports available? PC Connector:  If I happen to be using a
  with no serial port, will a USB to Serial Port adaptor (such as the Belkin
  that AA5AU recommends) make the conversion for me? Rig Connector:  What is
  this?  Rig control?  Please tell me lots because I don't know this stuff
  Rem Connector:  What is this?   Also, is there a listing of what all is
  available on the LPT port pins?  I ask this because I read that not much
  documentation comes with the Multi-Keyer.  Perhaps that is not the case.
  in advance. 73, Steve, K4FJ

Some answers:
The parallel ports on the MK-1100 do not need the UserPort driver. They are
not full LPT
ports--plugging in a printer would not do anything useful. They have the
band decoding
outputs (on pins 2,7,8,9), CW output on pin 17 (which duplicates the signal
on the
phone jack, but in TTL level), PTT otuput on pin 16 (which duplicates the
signal on
the PTT phone jack, but in TTL leve), and an L/R on pin 14.

The USB to Serial port devices that I have tried don't work as well as I
would like.
The signals all make it through, but slowly enough that you can feel a
delay when you, say, press the cursor key on WriteLog to switch from radio
L to R. The problem is that the USB-serial adapters have very large delays
in some of their RS-232 signals. Built-in serial ports always work very
and PC-Card serial adapters also work well (but are far more expensive).

The  Rem connector is where you plug in the provided speed knob and L/R
switch "remote" box. Its small box with a knob and a switch you can use to
control those two functions with WL not running (or with WL running).

The "Rig" connector is there because the MK-1100 is designed to go
"between" the PC and the rig on the RS-232 line the PC uses to interface
to the rig. So it has a connector for the cable to the rig, and another for
the cable to the PC.


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