[WriteLog] Article on Morse, Hams and "@"

Bryan Swadener bswadener at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 16:33:05 EDT 2004

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Interesting.  However, "di-dah dah" sends faster and no one will be confused by the new symbol.

Vy 73,


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 08:46:41 -0400From: "Brian Wruble" Subject: [WriteLog] Article on Morse, Hams and "@"writelog at contesting.comToday's "New York Times", page G3 in the "Circuits" section has anarticle on the addition of di-dah-dah-di-dah-dit as "@", the first newMorse character in "at least 60 years."  There is considerable mentionof ham radio, and quotes from ARRL.FYI.73 de Brian W3BW

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