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Donald Eriksen don.wsixffh at verizon.net
Mon Apr 19 13:44:25 EDT 2004

I agree with Jerry and Ian is right, to be a useable daily logging program,
WL would have to  be selectable per mode.

Rather than asking Wayne to do anything to make WL a daily general logging
program beyong what he's already done, which may be way out of scope for the
purpose of WL, why not do like I do and set up seperate versions of WL for
each mode?

I set up a version for each mode I operate, i.e. SSB, RTTY, CW etc with the
setup and  messages the way I like them, I call mine "DXLoggerCW",
"DXLoggerSSB", etc.,  but you can call them anything you like.

I find it no problem to quit the current version of WL and start another
when I change modes. Sure you end up with multiple logs, but I always merge
mine into my main logger (DX4WIN) for tracking and lable printing anyway. I
like WL better for daily use than DX4WIN. I don't have experience with other
loggers, and that's just my opinion.

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> Jerry Pixton wrote:
> > the upside is I am using the same software that I want to use for
> >contesting.
> And that is a very *big* upside, because the best training software for
> WriteLog is... WriteLog!
> By using WL every day Monday through Friday, you can train using live
> QSOs but without the pressures of being in a contest. You have the time
> to stop and try new things, until WL is set up exactly as you like it.
> And *all* the time, you're training the operating reflexes you'll need
> for contests. Friday's job of setting up for a contest becomes a snap.
> Try it - it's guar-an-teed to give you an edge over the "weekend
> drivers", or your money back  :-)
> However, there are some features of WL and its General DXCC Logger that
> get in the way of using them as Monday-through-Friday training software.
> These are mostly workarounds that are OK for setting up a single
> contest, but don't have enough flexibility for everyday use.
> In particular SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK need to be selectable as completely
> separate modes. This isn't a problem in contests, but believe me, you'll
> notice it before the end of a Monday evening! Each mode needs its own
> separate setup and messages, that aren't shared with any other mode (so
> that nothing "is really" something else).
> Also there should be a clearer separation between setup features that
> you always want to keep (your basic WL/hardware setup and
> keystroke/operating preferences), and features that will vary depending
> on the particular contest (log format, messages, loaded windows and
> screen layout).
> Actually, these changes would be pretty handy for the weekends too, so
> there are really no conflicts... except conflicts for Wayne's time, of
> course, so as always it's his call.
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> 73 from Ian G3SEK
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