[WriteLog] SO2R Same Band Lockout?

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Tue Apr 20 07:01:52 EDT 2004


Oh, boy I like that idea. With two radios always running and antenna 
lockout relays, I am finding more often in my old age that I have just 
chased a spot for a new country and my other radio was on the same band! I 
just did it again yesterday chasing the 7q7.

Do you have a circuit or I can dig out my logic books. I guess what you 
want is a normally closed double pole relay that activates when both radios 
are on the same band (using band data from Writelog, a decoder or the W5XD 
keyer) and either or both ptt lines are active.

The software solution fails when you use also the voice keyer pad that many 
radios have (eg FT1000mp). Oh, there is a problem, the ptt is internal to 
the radio. Now what? I guess I could at least keep the amplifiers from 
turning on.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 11:07 AM 4/20/2004 +0200, zoltan.pitman at vodafone.com wrote:
>Al, what u can also do is to use the band decoder outputs of the both radios
>and a set of NAND-gates. The NAND gates should drive a relay which inhibits
>PTT of both radios. You can implement any logic you want this way. It should
>be less than 20$ and foolproof. I can send you some schematics if u need.
>73, zoli ha1ag
> > Is there an option within Writelog that will inhibit a band
> > change to the band in use by the other rig?  I'm setting up
> > for automatic antenna switching in a SO2R environment and
> > need to insure that Rig 1 can never select the same antenna
> > as rig 2.  I know I can do it in the relays with an A/B relay
> > instead of a T to split each antenna to each rig, but it
> > would be really cool if there was a software or cheaper
> > hardware solution (set of 6 AB relays from array solutions is
> > almost $400) to achieve this goal.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > 73 de Al, KE1FO
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