[WriteLog] SO2R Same Band Lockout?

Peter Barron ve3pn at igs.net
Wed Apr 21 01:43:46 EDT 2004

Hi Al

Not that I don't trust some software BUT with all the $XXXX in rigs I'd
rather have a hardwired interlock. Also IF the PC is not on I prefer to have
it "OH ****" proof!

I'd suggest a "belt and braces" for this one as well as a software inhibit
if & when available . I suggest some small DC relays driven from the band
decoder to inhibit i.e. OPEN the rigs  PTT and KEY lines if both rigs are on
same band. If you're into logic use some NAND Gates and drivers . I use
MC14011B Quad 2input NAND Gates for the base function

Error Condition is both rigs on same band Error prevention is prevent either
rig from Transmitting

i.e. Signal From RIG 1 Decoder for 160 NAND with 160 Signal From RIG 2
Decoder disables BOTH RIGs  KEY and PTT
     Signal From RIG 1 Decoder for 80 NAND  with 80 Signal From RIG 2
Decoder disables BOTH RIGs  KEY and PTT
And so on
This gives with BOTH band outputs OFF= KEY & PTT enabled
With either band outputs ON = KEY & PTT enabled
With BOTH band outputs ON =KEY& PTT disabled i.e path is OPEN

I made one in an old PC serial port A/B/C switch box as 4 , 25 PIN
Connectors etc were already there.
This also works when the PC is OFF.

NOTE this does not disconnect either of the two rigs from antennas which is
a separate issue. You'd need a set of DC relays on the antenna control line
to inhibit antenna selection of either rig in that event.

As well as looking at what others did/do  Work out a Design yourself as each
setup has something that's different!!! And that way you can list all the
conditions YOU want to prevent.  The big problem is if you use VOX on Phone.

On the software side what I think would be really nice is a fall back to
previous band for both rig and antennas!!!
And rigs had a TX inhibit input!

Peter Barron
Ve3pn at igs.net

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 22:37:02 -0400
From: "Alfred J. Frugoli (KE1FO)" <frugoli at worldlinkisp.com>
Subject: [WriteLog] SO2R Same Band Lockout?
To: writelog at contesting.com

Is there an option within Writelog that will inhibit a band change to the
band in use by the other rig?  I'm setting up for automatic antenna
switching in a SO2R environment and need to insure that Rig 1 can never
select the same antenna as rig 2.  I know I can do it in the relays with an
A/B relay instead of a T to split each antenna to each rig, but it would be
really cool if there was a software or cheaper hardware solution (set of 6
AB relays from array solutions is almost $400) to achieve this goal.


73 de Al, KE1FO

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