[WriteLog] Off Topic Question - Repeater Operation in Germany

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Tue Apr 27 02:46:26 EDT 2004

Hi Jim,

I don't use FM-repeaters. But I must say that 90 % of them can be
activated only by a 1750 Hz tone. Thatswhy there are special
EU-versions of FM-HTs and FM-mobiles.

But there are some FM-repeaters with activity all the day and night in
Berlin. So you can call in and don't have to activate the repeater

73 + 55
Wolf, DL6JZ

Jim Brown schrieb:
> I will be visiting Berlin next week, and would like to
> use my Kenwood
> TH-F6A on German repeaters to keep up with friends who
> are attending
> the same international conference. I've heard that a 1750
> Hz tone is
> required to active repeaters in Europe, and I don't see
> how to make the
> TH-F6A generate that tone (there is a European twin of
> the radio that
> does). Is there a way around this?  
> I've heard that sub-audible tones (PL) are starting to be
> used in some
> parts of Europe. Can I transmit PL as an alternative to
> 1750 Hz, or do
> I need both? 
> Jim Brown K9YC  
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