[WriteLog] Off Topic Question - Repeater Operation in Germany

nick kail m3mlr at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Apr 27 12:22:12 EDT 2004

In the early day when I was young and repeaters were just being brought into
the UK a lot of us hams could not afford 1750 hz tone bursts so we quickly
learned that if you whistle up the scale your whistle will hit 1750 for a
split second and that will be enough to open the repeater. In fact we also
have ctcss on some of our repeaters for different areas now and if I can't
find the right tone I still whistle up the repeater 

~Who needs modern technology 

Hope this will help you whilst in DK land 

 N beers 


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I will be visiting Berlin next week, and would like to use my Kenwood
TH-F6A on German repeaters to keep up with friends who are attending
the same international conference. I've heard that a 1750 Hz tone is
required to active repeaters in Europe, and I don't see how to make the
TH-F6A generate that tone (there is a European twin of the radio that
does). Is there a way around this?  

I've heard that sub-audible tones (PL) are starting to be used in some
parts of Europe. Can I transmit PL as an alternative to 1750 Hz, or do
I need both? 

Jim Brown K9YC  

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