[WriteLog] RE: 1 pix > 1000 words

Eric Hilding eric at hilding.com
Thu Apr 29 05:34:05 EDT 2004

Al, KE1FO wrote:

 > I think these innovations are great and should probably go foward but 
 > I'm never going to use all this fancy record every callsing in the world 

I understand your concerns about recording "every callsign in the world", 
Al, but it is not really necessary.

As per a previous analysis I posted sometime ago, taking a logical approach 
to this...and a pooling/sharing of log entries by those interested can 
synthesize things down to a manageable size.  It will never be 100% 
perfect, but it can be one heck-of-a-lot of an improvement over what can 
only be "marginal" use until some very minor programming changes are made.

If you didn't check out the hastily prepared demo before, click on:


The link at the bottom goes to the "Hot Rod" version :-)    Yes, in my 
haste, I left off the "Precedence" part of the exchange.  It's close enough 
for Gov't work as a demo.  I've had comments saying it is as much as 98% 
"natural" compared to Robot-City.


Rick, K6VVA

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