[WriteLog] Serial Port Addition/FSK

Alfred J.Frugoli (KE1FO) afrugoli at verizon.net
Sun Dec 19 14:04:35 EST 2004

Check out 


It may be instructive, or more confusing.

There is also the MicroHam interface, which seems to be a great option for the new USB laden world.  See http://www.rttycontesting.com/microham/mk.htm for some details.

73 de Al, KE1FO
> From: "S. Markowski Jr." <km9m-zig at comcast.net>
> Date: 2004/12/19 Sun AM 01:58:18 EST
> To: WriteLog Reflector <writelog at contesting.com>
> Subject: [WriteLog] Serial Port Addition/FSK
> Like most everyone else with a laptop, I could use more serial ports. I 
> was wondering two things:
> 1st.  I remember reading that running FSK in WL with serial adapters 
> required the adapter to be capable of running 5-bit code......  Can 
> someone explain what this is in layman's terms?  If an adapter handles 5 
> -bit code, would it specifically say 5-bit code, or would a rating 
> above/below 5 bit indicate that?  I read about the card on the Quatech 
> site via Google, but it doesn't make any sense to me.
> Has anyone heard of/used a Quatech QSP-100 PCMCIA Card?  Have the 
> ability to buy one, but if I can't do FSK with it in WL, I won't bother.
> Okay, I was wrong..... Guess I was wondering three things.
> Thanks in advance, Happy Holidays, and 73,
> Zig - KM9M
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