[WriteLog] Re: Cheap USB to Serial port

Bob Patten n4bp at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 6 06:20:39 EST 2004

Dave Anderson, K4SV wrote:

> Just bought a F5U103 off Ebay for $17.95, tried it on Windows XP 
> Professional using updated driver from Belkin, no luck.

You may have gotten a dud.  Could that possibly happen with E-bay??
I've tested mine on my desktop which runs XP Home and it works fine.

> Found however a extention from MMTTY to use anternate ports such as 
> Printer, Serial ports RTS/CTS all bit banged.  Will try this in the 
> next few days and report.

N1MM Logger also needs these drivers to utilize the ports with Windows 
XP.  The easy one is "port95nt.exe".  Since it's
an executable, it installs the drivers in one easy step.  The other 
install (that the help file in N1MM lists) is a zip file and the drivers 
must be installed manually.
Have both plus updated drivers for the F5U103 both for Win 95/98 & XP if 
anyone wants them.

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