[WriteLog] Chatting during contest

Ian White, G3SEK G3SEK at ifwtech.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 17:20:12 EST 2004

Jon Harder wrote:
>Yes, Alt-Gr has been a familiar fixture on German (at least) keyboards for a
>long time now.  As I recall it allows a more feature-rich character set, or
>other options I've forgotten.
>I've got one packed away in storage as I don't need it as much as I used to
>anymore when writing things in German.  Not sure what the keyboard code is
>Could any of the DL gang offer some enlightenment on this?
>Jon         K1US

I looked into it some more... the AltGr key is a feature of the 
Microsoft "international" keyboard layouts which are standard issue in 
most countries except the USA.

AltGr is equivalent to pressing Ctrl-Alt, and is used as a shortcut to 
generate accented characters. Exactly which characters will depend on 
the keyboard layout and the language selected in Windows Control Panel.

Since the AltGr key appears on just about every PC keyboard in the world 
outside of the USA, it would be nice if WL could recognise AltGr-K, 
AltGr-F9/F10 etc... or at least point out in the Help that the AltGr key 
won't work.

73 from Ian G3SEK

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