[WriteLog] Need to change all times in log

Wed Jan 7 16:44:35 EST 2004

Yes an adjustment like that can be made.
I haven't had to do it recently. 
I would rather not instruct you possibly incorrectly.
I am shore someone else will be clearer on the operation.
Rich AA2MF
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> Due to a setup error, my computer clock was off
> one hour from GMT in a recent contest. Is it 
> possible to change the times of all qsos in 
> an existing log.? That is, if a qso was logged
> at 2230, it should be 2330. I believe the
> capability to adjust the whole log 
> exists in NA or CT. Is it possible with Writelog?
> Many thanks in advance.
> 73 Phil KT3Y 
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