[WriteLog] startup error

K4SB k4sb at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 7 19:44:52 EST 2004

W5AP wrote:
> I fixed the problem by checking the remove/install window from control panel
> and saw that WriteLog was not present. So I must have upgraded to an earlier
> install that was not installed correctly. So I deleted the WriteLog.exe file
> and downloaded the full version of 10.44b to my shack and laptop computers,
> re-installed, and all works fine now.
> I'll bet this solves my networking problem also. I'm using WinXP on both
> computers.
Another reason may be the fact that using the control panel to remove
a program rarely
clears either all files, directories or the windows registry entries.

Next time you decide to uninstall WL, do it and then do a REGEDIT.
Edit, Find, and type in writelog. You'll find over 100 registry
entries are still present.

Certainly not WLs problem, but I really wish someone would come up
with an uninstall program which works. It just can't be that difficult
to keep a file list with all filenames used, and all registry keys.


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