[WriteLog] Writeelog - MMTTY Problem Resolved

llindblom at juno.com llindblom at juno.com
Wed Jan 7 22:21:40 EST 2004

A month or so back I reported trying MMTTY in FSK mode with Writelog and having problems with the receive audio level after a transmission either being over driven or extremely low.  In either case decoding was impossible until I'd slide the volume control up or down.  I had the same problem when trying RTTY Write in FSK mode, it was a head scratcher as this had never happened in AFSK mode with either MMTTY or RTTY Write.  

After playing with a lot of things and not resolving the problem I was at the point of trying a different sound card.  But then just for grins I renamed my Writelog INI file and did a reinstall of 10.44 (full version).  With the new install and resulting new INI file, the problem is resolved! I spent around 14 hours testing it in RTTY RU without one sign of a problem. 

Why this resolved the problem of the the receive audio level changing after a transmission, I do not know.  But, since it is now working OK I don't really care why it is fixed.

73 Larry L

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