[WriteLog] Re: Trouble with COM2

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 16:25:11 EST 2004

The setting of the ICOM menu item "CI-V Transceive" may affect what you are 
seeing, John. If it is now OFF, turn it ON via the ICOM menu and see if it 
fixes it.  As I recall, if it is OFF, the radio does not report anything to 
the connected computer until it is specifically asked. Or maybe vice-versa 
- anyway, change it and see if it helps. Also make sure the "CI-V with 
IC-731"  is OFF while you are in there.

Jerry W4UK

At 14:51 1/8/04, N5NJ wrote:
>You said:
>"WL will talk to the radio for perhaps a minute, then the connection fails."
>I think you should look at this more from the perspective of:

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