[WriteLog] Band Changes in RU

Wayne King wfking at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 16 05:09:24 EST 2004

Maybe someone has the answer for this.

 I'm having difficulty trying to get WL to work properly in a multi-single
 environment as far the band change indicator is concerned. It seems to work
 only in the past hour and not in the clock hour for the ARRL RTTY RU.

 The rule for the RU is the clock hour (zero to 59). For the past two years
 have had to keep track with pencil and paper because all I get is within
 last hour for band changes.

 I have checked ----the window is run A radio ---to add the (m) column.
 What else am I missing to get WL to work on the clock hour (zero to 59)

 Is the WL (RTTY RU) contest module programmed to tell WL about the M/S ?

 Wayne N2WK

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