[WriteLog] PTT to CW delay bug

dl6jz at t-online.de dl6jz at t-online.de
Mon Jan 19 08:53:38 EST 2004

Hi Dale,

the only way for me get a solid CW-keying was to start every F-key
buffer with a space. 

That works very fine and I am glad that WriteLog doesn't delete
automatically  the spaces at the begin or the end of the buffers like
other programs do.

73 + 55
Wolf, DL6JZ

Dale Jackaman wrote:
> I noticed the problem after introducing some delay on CW
> startups to 
> minimize key clicks on the initial CW character coming
> from Writelog's 
> programmed CW output.  One of my stations has an old
> Drake L4 amplifier 
> and it's a bit slow to get going. 
> Taking the PTT to CW delay up to 300 msec works fine for
> the first 
> transmission, and the second if I wait for a couple of
> seconds before I 
> hit the function send key. However, if I immediately hit
> the function send 
> key the delay isn't there and the click is back again. 
> Minor bug but I thought people should be aware of it. 
> Dale  VE7GL PTT to CW delay bug
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