[WriteLog] RTTY Questions

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Sun Jan 25 07:10:04 EST 2004

Hi Don & others:  Thanks for your responses.

Regarding the timed CQ - why is it's functionality different for rtty?  The=
 value there for CW is the "wait interval".  Why not have it the same for r=

Regarding the "moving target" callsigns - I could see if they were scrollin=
g at some high rate, but rtty is so slow, this cannot be a real issue.  Plu=
s once the other guy stops sending there aren't a whole lot of characters b=
eing received to scroll his call up the screen - right?  I'm sorry, but I j=
ust found it very disorienting and annoying.  I would at least like the opt=
ion for it not to work that way.

What's the red line signify?

-Bob N5NJ

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> Bob,
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> Two comments,
> =

> The scrolling of Rttyrite is intentional so that the call you may be tryi=
> to click on does not move up a line just when you are clicking. Hitting a
> moving target can be rather challenging. =

> =

> When using auto CQ the time you enter is the total time of the message
> including the wait between resends. If you use too short a time then the
> action you describe can happen.
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> GL on the other problem, I suspect something is not set right rather than=
> being a Rigblaster problem.
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> 73, Don VE3XD
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> I've spent a couple of hours messing around, and made 59 qsos in the BART=
> contest with Writelog, MMTTY, my ProII @100w and a G5RV laying on my roof=
> Not bad.
> =

> So far, everything seems to work fine, except that I think my Rigblaster =
> failed since my afsk tones do not pass through it.  I'm not sure why.  I
> think the PTT may not be pulling in.  How am I supposed to configure for =
> PTT on the serial port for the rigblaster?  My LPT port PTT is working
> though - go figure.
> =

> I may toss the Rigblaster and just make my own to clear up this mystery.
> =

> I have one complaint, and one bug report.
> =

> The complaint is regarding the scrolling of the rttyrite screen.  How do =
> make it stop doing what ever it does where when it fills up the screen, i=
> goes back up to the top.  I don't know where to look.  New text should
> always appear at the bottom, and then the old text should just scroll up.
> =

> The bug report is that I tried to do a timed CQ, and Writelog/MMTTY went
> nuts.  It started sending my CQ message over and over.  I stopped it, and
> after that, the memories would not send their contents properly.  I shut =
> the programs, rebooted the computer, and have not tried a timed CQ again.
> =

> RTTY's cool.
> =

> 73,
> Bob N5NJ
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