[WriteLog] NEQP module

Steve Moore AI9T sjmmoore at verizon.net
Sun May 2 20:13:10 EDT 2004


I worked the ARI DX Contest,,"RTTY Only" The super check partial worked
fine on  my PC as it has in the past.


Steve AI9T


QSL via eQSL.cc and LOTW

Jamie Dupree wrote:

> At least on my computer this weekend, the calls in
> the super check partial window would be the
> color black instead of green if they were okay to work.
> Anyone else see that?
> As for the two QSO parties (or more) at one time issue
> that Fire Brick raised, if you really wanted to log all
> the QSO's and then manually pluck them out later
> for different logs - I think there is some key/function
> that forces WL to accept whatever you have in the
> exchange/mult field....but of course, I don't know it
> off the top of my head here.
> Jamie NS3T
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