[WriteLog] Volta Cabrillo???

DESLOOVERE DIRK d.desloovere at skynet.be
Mon May 10 11:34:42 EDT 2004

Dear Roger,

I was also QRV in this contest.    Unable to make a cabrillo file I send in
a txt file, a summary sheet and a adi file.
The A. Volta contest commite ask also for a log by band, I have not found
this feature in Writelog.

I have send my log sunday at 10,00 utc  , no reply yet.

In 2003 I have send also my log this way , I was in the result list.



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> Hi.
>   Due to the glorious British summer weather, I took the opportunity
> to play for
> a few hours in the Volta contest. After the test, I tried to make the
> Cabrillo
> log file, only to find out it was grayed out. I tried the trick of
> opening another
> log file and importing the log, but it did not work. I am using
> 10.46G. Any ideas?
>  I shall probably send it as a text file and hope that will suffice.
> 73 de Roger G3LDI
> rcooke at g3ldi.freeserve.co.uk
> g3ldi at amsat.org
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