[WriteLog] Raffle for W4AN's kids (contesting.com founder)

Kurszewski Chad-WCK005 Chad.Kurszewski at motorola.com
Wed May 12 11:03:32 EDT 2004

Since the Writelog reflector is hosted on the contesting.com servers,
I hope you pardon this non-Writelog topic.

As many of you know, Bill Fisher W4AN -- top contester and founder of 
eHam.net and contesting.com -- recently passed away.  His sudden passing 
was a shock to the entire ham community, and he will be greatly missed.

The W4AN Memorial Trust Fund was established to benefit Bill's two young 
children, Graeme and Erik. See W8JI's page for more info on this fund... 

To help add funds to the Trust, we've put together a Raffle, with a great 
assortment of prizes.  Thanks to the incredible support of the ham radio 
business community, we are able to offer about $6,200 in prizes, including 
a new ICOM IC-756PROII, generously donated by ICOM America!

Tickets will be sold at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday nights (5/13-5/15) PLUS tickets are also available on-line via a 
secure server, for those that can't make it to Dayton this year.  The 
raffle drawing will take place on Saturday night (5/15) at Midnight.  Need 
not be present to win.

For all the details, including pictures and descriptions of all the prizes, 
go to:

Please feel free to forward this message to others.  Thanks for your support!

Scott, KA9FOX
Paul, K9PG
Mike, K9NW
Chad, WE9V

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