[WriteLog] Parallel Port CW keying / W 98 SE / K9LU AD25-TR1PInterface

Cal Kutemeier ckuter at ix.netcom.com
Sun May 23 21:37:37 EDT 2004

Problem solved.  K9JY's page referenced FPORT16.exe in the ham/programs
folder. I ran it once and voila, dit dah dit dah dit dah ha ha.

See you in CQ WPX TEST de N9KO

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Subject: [WriteLog] Parallel Port CW keying / W 98 SE / K9LU

> I bought the above interface at Dayton and was able to get it working with
> TR Log with no problems.  I cannot get it to work with WL.
> I entered messages for the upcoming CQ WPX contest.  When I press F7, I
> should hear "de N9KO".  Under WL, only the transceiver switches to
> and the message buffer in F7 is not transmitted.  I did add a line to the
> ini file as suggested by K9JY's website.
> My configuration is
> CW Port on LPT 1
> Rig control on COM 6
> I have a checkmark in "All mode PTT on CW..." box.  (tried it both ways
> the same result.)
> CW keyer = PC generates.
> I am sure this is a minor issue, but my search of the archives have not
> yielded me a solution.
> Tnx in advance
> Cal
> N9KO
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