[WriteLog] Problem with erratic cw

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Mon May 31 10:43:14 EDT 2004

1. RFI can cause some keying problems; did you try without an amp?   

2. I recall some reports of problems with USB to Serial
   for certain manufacturers, that they were too slow for
   either rig control or CW sending, but have no specific
   reference for you.

3. I used Belkin F5U103 USB to Serial with Dell Inspiron,
   WIN/XP Pro in WPX this weekend, and had no erratic keying,
      Twice, after hitting an unknown combination of keys
        (the second time, I think it was ESC and the
         Squiggle Character keys, maybe)
      I got blue screen with BUG_CODE_DRIVER error that
         required re-boot.

4. I had started out WPX using internal COM1 for CW Keying and
   USB-to-Serial COM4 for radio control, because the current
   combination of WriteLog 10.47E and Orion 3.170 requires
   two COM ports. 
      But I measured a 2.1 second delay in changing frequency
      using the USB-to-Serial COM port for the rig, so on
      Saturday morning, I exchanged ports and measured the
      rig control delay at about .95 seconds with the internal
      COM port, and didn't notice any problems keying the rig
      with the USB to Serial for a couple of hours.

      Until I accidentally hit an unknown combo of keys, and
      key combo that gave me the blue screen.
        On my second blue screen, I reverted back to using
        USB-to-Serial for rig control, internal COM for CW,
        and experienced no further problems nor blue screens,
        and learned to tolerate the 2 second rig change time.

Barry, W5GN

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