[WriteLog] Problem with erratic cw

Mike Brown k9mi at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 31 10:46:07 EDT 2004

Frank, this could come from several possibilities. 180 meg of
ram is a bit on the low side for XP. I was thinking 256 was
considered minimum. But, if WriteLog is all you are running,
this may not be it. Next, from what I've read, not all
USB/Serial adapters are not created equal. Evidently, some are
better at what we do then others. Don, AA5AU has a good resource
page on this subject at:

Is there anyway you can attach the cw keying interface directly
to a comport on the pc? I'm using serial port cw keying via a
serial port on the motherboard, and it works fine. Plus, I have
a ByteRunner PCI serial, lpt card that works fine also. That
could be another option, if you have any open PCI slots on your

Best of luck...

73, Mike K9MI

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> Hi Guys...I'm a WL newbie and need some advice re erratic
serial cw keying.
> I just installed WL for the first time this weekend.  I'm
using a USB to
> Serial adapter and get erratic cw keying that's most noticable
in long
> strings when calling CQ using F1.  At the first everything
seems fine but
> the keying then suddenely speeds up mid-stream..maybe 60+ wpm
that also
> sounds choppy or erratic.
> I'm using a 750Mhz P-3 with about 180M of RAM and XP Pro.
I've noted the
> older choppy cw reflector posts regarding the LPT port but I'm
using a
> USB/Serial port.
> Is this strickly a resource issue?  Other than WL, I'm not
running another
> other software nor is the computer networked.  It's basically
a stand alone
> that's doing nothing else but WL.  I've looked at the Task
Manger and don't
> see anything suspicious.
> This must be a common problem....any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Frank, W4FMS
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