[WriteLog] Trouble with 10.50D

K4SB k4sb at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 5 13:35:12 EST 2004

> --- W7TMT <w7tmt at dayshaw.net> wrote:
> > However, your statement  "...cleaned up the registry of
> > everything left over, and then reinstalled it. Ran like a
> > charm." is also somewhat misleading.

There is absolutely nothing in that message which is misleading. XP
and 98 SE have a program called RegEdit located in the C:\Windows

All that is required is to run it, click on "Find", then type
"Writelog" into the box,
press F3 and let it go. When it finds the entry, hit DEL and then
Enter, then hit the F3 key again.

As for "ran like a charm", I was referring to Norton Systemworks 2003.
So I had to go through the registry twice, first for the key word
"norton" and then "symantec".

You don't have to be a computer genius to do something this simple.
Although I was not speaking of WriteLog, the "Remove programs" feature
will leave over 100 registry entries beginning with WriteLog. ALL of
the contests are among them.

And if you just want to try it, do the above, but do not hit the
delete key, but press F3 again. You'll see every single registry


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