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Phil Krichbaum pfkski at vail.net
Sun Nov 7 09:48:22 EST 2004

	Yesterday was my first try at using the WL (or any) CW decoder and it seems
that there are two CW decoders in WL but only one can be used at a time per
instructions I saw in WL lite which may be your problem. Close the RTTYRITE
one and try again. For some reason when I checked mono (1 radio) the window
would not open when I clicked on the "start CW receive" box regardless of
whether it was radio right or left. By checking stereo (2 radios) the right
hand window would now open and decode cw. Thats computers for ya and I
didn't pursue that one!
	I ended up closing the cw decoder under "set ups" and using the one in
RTTYRITE after opening RTTY window and selecting CW under mode. I am not
using the MMTTY plug in with WL so no clue what to do there!
	The big advantage I saw was here was that like in RTTY, calls are color
highlighted, pink-worked B4, green-needed station. In SS I didn't see any
highlighted in yellow for needed mult but suspect it would for something
like CQWW where the mults are in most cases obvious from the call sign. Also
like in RTTY you can scroll back to check the info decoded. Overall I found
the decoding to be more accurate than when using RTTY. Even when I got
blasted by QRM I would listen for another exchange sent by the station to
see if it had been decoded properly and in most cases it had and my brain
got fried by the QRM and didn't decode properly. A person with no CW skill
could make CW QSOs with this feature. I won't make a judgement on that one!
	I think I'll definitely be using the CW decode in future contests as it
would save typing in calls to see if it has been worked before when doing
S&P. Also can click on call to move it to log QSO window like with RTTY
although the other decoder seemed to do this also. I found the RTTYRITE
screen was much easier to view for my old eyes (Much bigger). Since sending
is done in the normal WL function you only need the one cable from the radio
audio to your sound card that you would use for RTTY.
	73 Phil N0KE

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Interestingly yesterday I was able to open both a rttyrite window for cw
decode AND the parallel channel cw decoder. I opened the cw decoder from
the Windows menu item and then opened the rttyrite window in the normal
manner. Didn' used to be able to do this but nice.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 02:59 PM 11/6/2004 +0000, David Ashworth wrote:
>Hi, out of curiosity, I would like to see how the CW decoder works.  I have
>followed the instructions in the help files, but can never seem to get the
>little CW window to open-(the one with the center line).  I have used
>Writelog with RTTY and have seen the little window there with the center
>line.  Just poking around, I opened up an rtty window and tried various
>things but the CW selection there is always grayed out.  There must be
>another step that I don't know about.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance, Dave,
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