[WriteLog] Repeat call in edit window while changing bands

Kurszewski Chad-WCK005 chad at motorola.com
Tue Nov 9 10:39:46 EST 2004

> Put this up before but still haven't found the answer.
> How can I get a simple way to have the call and grid square 
> reappear in the edit window as I move from band to band on
> a VHF and up contest.
> Often you are working the same station from band to band.  It 
> would be more efficient to have a simple stroke cause the
> entry window to be re-populated with data after you type the
> frequency that you are changing to in the call
> field of the edit window.
> Any thoughts here?  

You haven't had any replies, probably because no single keystroke
exists to do what you're asking.  Only kluduges.

Try this one:
Have a band map up, regardless of rig control.
Work the first QSO.
Double click his call on bandmap, the info shows up in entry area.
Change bands.  Info still there.

Chad  WE9V

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