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DJ3IW Goetz dj3iw at t-online.de
Mon Nov 15 06:02:36 EST 2004

I don't think this relates to RTTY....
RTTYers do not use .wav files in RTTY contesting.

73 de Goetz
dj3iw at t-online.de
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> I'm bringing up the 82 character limitation issue again in the CW/RTTY/SSB
> Message area  dialog box again for (IMHO) several important reasons.
> As the future will bring more unique uses of the expanded SSB message
> handling, individual operator "refinements" and "tweaks" will necessitate
> clever & creative use of varied-length "spacer" .wav files.  This will
> substantially eliminate the many needs to re-record individual messages
> and/or trim the files, because "adjustments" can be made with a stockpile
> of spacers.
> Some won't understand what I'm talking about so I'm already prepared for
> flames, but that's OK ;-(
> One exchange I need to program requires 161 characters.  Yes, I could
> possibly trim it down a bit, but for all this recent new WL capability to
> be most effective, having the ability to not have to resort to an separate
> .wav file "lookup list" or "interpretation list" necessitates being able to
> have a reasonable number of characters to ID the .wav files for fast
> re-adjusting if desired or necessary.
> Here is an example of why I am requesting further enhancements to the
> incredible capabilities now in WL, which I believe will also be of benefit
> to others (if not now, down the line):
> %C<spc2.wav>%B<qsob4.wav><glom.wav>%B<psecopy.wav><num.wav><spc2.wav>%1<spc1
> .wav><b.wav><spc3.wav><mycall.wav><spc2.wav><spc1.wav><myck.wav><spc1.wav><m
> ysec.wav>
> Trimmed down this still requires 136 character spaces, which won't work
> with the 82 character limitation.
> %C<sp2.wav>%B<b4.wav><gl.wav>%B<cpy.wav><nr.wav><sp2.wav>%1<sp1.wav><b.wav><
> sp3.wav><me.wav><sp2.wav><sp1.wav><ck.wav><sp1.wav><sec.wav>
> Tweakability:
> <spc1.wav>, <spc2.wav>, <spc3.wav> can be varied-length spacers for
> fine-tuning/smoothing and used as desired or needed based upon individual
> op preference.  And when "Guest Ops" show up, these may be even more
> valuable for adjustment purposes vs. consolidated .wav files.
> The other issue tied to this (IMHO) is the current narrow width dialog box
> which requires horizontal scrolling with the cursor keys to view "portions"
> of a l-e--n---g----t-----h-------y programmed message grouping, instead of
> as much of a wide "bird's eye view" as possible.
> Tnx very much for considering this request.
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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