[WriteLog] Special Wish List Request

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 15 05:27:57 EST 2004

Hi Eric,

Some comments on your request

"Trimmed down this still requires 136 character spaces, which won't work 
with the 82 character limitation.


This can be shortened a lot as follows

Establish a standard that all space files are of the form n.wav or 
nn.wav where n is the number of space elements.  Your example is now 122 

Get rid of the pse copy.  This has no place in contesting as it just 
wastes everyone's time.  Now 113 chars

A more difficult suggestion, in that it requires the user to know how to 
associate a file extension with an application, is to establish a 
standard that a .w file is associated with the same app as a .wav file.  
Now 85 chars

You could shave off another 3 chars by making the file names shorter 
and, therefore, harder to understand and debug.  But, at least you could 
test it.

I don't know enough about WL to comment on the other characters.

I do understand that what you provided is only an example and that, for 
your purposes, it would be desireable to have the message memory size 
expanded.  In particular, you want the .w(av) file names to be long 
enough to make it obvious what the content is.  You might even want to 
tag each filename with the op who recorded it.  e.g. CQK6VVA.w, 
CQVE7FO.w or, CQVVA.w, CQFO.w or whatever shortened monikers make sense 
at the time.  I'm just trying to suggest that 136 chars may not be 

I ran into the same issue with TRLog when I wanted to send long control 
character sequences to the MkV to simulate SO2R to the extent possible 
with one radio.  The message memories weren't big enough.  I wrote up a 
detailed explanation of how it was all supposed to work and how to do it 
(it was many pages long - I'll send it to you).  Tree created a beta 
just for me and then, when I demonstrated that the idea actually worked, 
incorporated the expanded message memory size into all future releases 
to date.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Eric Hilding wrote:

> I'm bringing up the 82 character limitation issue again in the 
> CW/RTTY/SSB Message area  dialog box again for (IMHO) several 
> important reasons.
> One exchange I need to program requires 161 characters.  Yes, I could 
> possibly trim it down a bit, but for all this recent new WL capability 
> to be most effective, having the ability to not have to resort to an 
> separate .wav file "lookup list" or "interpretation list" necessitates 
> being able to have a reasonable number of characters to ID the .wav 
> files for fast re-adjusting if desired or necessary.
> Here is an example of why I am requesting further enhancements to the 
> incredible capabilities now in WL, which I believe will also be of 
> benefit to others (if not now, down the line):
> %C<spc2.wav>%B<qsob4.wav><glom.wav>%B<psecopy.wav><num.wav><spc2.wav>%1<spc1 
> .wav><b.wav><spc3.wav><mycall.wav><spc2.wav><spc1.wav><myck.wav><spc1.wav><m 
> ysec.wav>
> Trimmed down this still requires 136 character spaces, which won't 
> work with the 82 character limitation.
> %C<sp2.wav>%B<b4.wav><gl.wav>%B<cpy.wav><nr.wav><sp2.wav>%1<sp1.wav><b.wav>< 
> sp3.wav><me.wav><sp2.wav><sp1.wav><ck.wav><sp1.wav><sec.wav>

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