[WriteLog] Trimming Audio Files & Spacers

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Mon Nov 15 18:00:10 EST 2004

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Jerry, W6IHG inquired:

 > The use of spacer files implies to me that you have some method of trimming
 > any sound clip to the bare minimum so that you then can "space" several
 > clips together. Most of us are struggling with just trimming the heads and
 > tails off these clips so that they don't sound robotic.
 > Can you share how to visually trim these files to the bare bones (so that
 > spacers could be used) and what software you use?


1. Partly Visual in an editor
2. Partly Gut-feel in listening

In the visual trimming, I look for a spot just to the left of one of the 
waveform peaks on the left, and to the right of one where it 
flatlines.  Sometimes, you can trim more off than you think, but this is 
where having different length "spacer.wav" files will play an important 
role for fine tuning.  You also have to "listen".

Another trick in editing is that you can actuall trim stuff from *within* 
the .wav file to speed or tighten up diction!!!  I experimented more with 
this the other night, but sometimes it would take 2 or 3 whacks in order to 
elminate splice sound "clicks" & "pops".  Ya just gotta 

I use SAWStudio for recording & initial editing (it's a ProTools Clone, but 
doubt most want to spend $2,500 for it).  Then I use an old version of 
CoolEdit for quick trimming experimentation...I think Adobe now has this 
product.  I know others use Goldwave.  You can use any decent editor as 
long as you have a GOOD display of the audio waveform, and can expand it 
horizontally for real fine audio surgery.  I haven't gotten into the latter 
yet due to other "stuff".

I'm hoping to maybe put together a "Flash" animated editing demo on this 
subject, but that probably won't happen until after the 1st of the year.

Unfortunately, due to bizz demands and then dabbling in too many small 
contests over the past months, my own Monster fullcallsign.wav recording 
project has beendelayed, so I will (embarrasingly) be sounding very 
"Robotic" in the Phone SS from K6VVA (Sat.) and N6IJ (Sun).  This #&^! 
throat infection hit me again, but if it clears up enough by tomorrow 
night, I hope to at least get a few pre-records done but think I'll be out 
of time for the real fine-tweaking before SS.  "Oh well"... "next time".

So advance apologies for what may be real tacky sounding voice automation 
this go 'round, especially using individual letters ;-(   But with the 
incredible capabilities Wayne has added to WriteLog for this stuff, the 
future looks bright!


Rick, K6VVA

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