[WriteLog] CW keying w/Mark V Field - solution

Kelly Jones kjones at sullivan1.com
Fri Nov 26 16:24:02 EST 2004


I don't know if this is the correct fix, but seems to work for now...

Based on several recommendations to use VOX I started looking around at the 
various VOX settings.  Menu 7-5 is the keyer VOX delay.  By default it was 
set to 0.00.  I increased this to 35 and it seems to keep the radio keyed 
for the entire message.

I still would have thought WL would have kept the PTT lines keyed for the 
entire Fkey message, but perhaps it really doesn't.  By increasing the 
keyer delay, the rig now stays keyed which is what I was after.

This will be my first contest with WL thanks to a borrowed laptop.  I'll 
see how I like it!

Kelly - N0VD

At 01:51 PM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Don,
>Well, I tried this to no avail.  Same thing, after the first character of 
>the first letter is sent, the rig is returned to RX while WL happily 
>continues to send the rest of the Fkey message.  I can hear the rest of 
>the msg in the rig's sidetone.
>I talked to the owner of the laptop we're using and he suggested that I 
>needed to use the VOX to key the radio.  If I use VOX, it operates 
>essentially as QSK.  Shouldn't the PTT line stay keyed until the Fkey 
>message has finished?
>One thing to note, the owner of this computer uses a plain ole 1000MP, 
>while mine is a Mark V Field.  Could this be an issue?  I was hoping to 
>get a first hand look at WL for this contest, but....  grrrr.
>Any other suggestions?  ;-)
>Kelly - N0VD
>At 01:29 PM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
>>I've run into this (or something similar) before and solved it by the
>>following procedure.
>>Turn off everything including the rig.
>>Turn on the computer but NOT the rig.
>>Launch Writelog and set the ports as you have described. Note the rig is NOT
>>turned on yet. Also select All mode PTT and CW Keyer Type- PC generates.
>>Now turn ON the rig.
>>That seems to work for me. BTW, I do use QSK but not VOX on the Mark V. Odd
>>I never have a problem in DX4WIN but only in Writelog and this method always
>>seems to work.
>>GL, Don VE3XD
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>> > Hello fellow WL users,
>> >
>> > I have an issue that I'm sure is an easy fix, but looking
>> > through the archives I've not found an answer.
>> >
>> > Our group has decided to try CQWW this weekend and use WL as
>> > the CW keyer.  We will be using a 1000 Mark V Field as the
>> > rig.  The serial interface is built and seems to be polling
>> > the rig for freq just fine.  However, the issue we are having
>> > is that the rig keys fine for the first character of a
>> > letter, then goes back into RX.  For instance, the rig keys,
>> > sends a "dit" or "dah", then returns to RX and continues
>> > sending the rest of the 'message'.
>> >
>> > I found a couple other posting stating the same problem, but
>> > never saw any resolution.
>> >
>> > In the setup I have the following checked/set:
>> >
>> > Under Ports:
>> > CW on COM1,
>> > Rig Type = Yaesu FT-1KMP
>> > Baud Rate = Auto
>> > Poll = checked
>> > Comm PTT = Sync (had it to Yes but didn't make any
>> > difference) All Mode PTT on CW port RTS = checked CW Keyer
>> > type = PC generates
>> >
>> > Under CW PTT:
>> > Command rig on COM port = checked
>> >
>> > I have fiddled with the PTT to CW delay.  This seems to key
>> > the rig for the amount of time I put in there before it
>> > starts sending any CW, but again, after the first character
>> > it puts the rig back in to RX.  WL version = 10.48F.
>> >
>> > If I use the VOX, I can run in QSK mode, but I don't want to
>> > do that.  Shouldn't the rig stay keyed until the 'message'
>> > has finished sending?
>> >
>> > Thanks for any help in the 11th hour!
>> >
>> > 73
>> > Kelly - N0VD
>> >
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