[WriteLog] CW keying w/Mark V Field - solution

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Sat Nov 27 07:28:13 EST 2004


Writelog DOES correctly command PTT ON and PTT OFF. It is a Yaesu problem.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 02:24 PM 11/26/2004 -0700, Kelly Jones wrote:
>I don't know if this is the correct fix, but seems to work for now...
>Based on several recommendations to use VOX I started looking around at 
>the various VOX settings.  Menu 7-5 is the keyer VOX delay.  By default it 
>was set to 0.00.  I increased this to 35 and it seems to keep the radio 
>keyed for the entire message.
>I still would have thought WL would have kept the PTT lines keyed for the 
>entire Fkey message, but perhaps it really doesn't.  By increasing the 
>keyer delay, the rig now stays keyed which is what I was after.
>This will be my first contest with WL thanks to a borrowed laptop.  I'll 
>see how I like it!
>Kelly - N0VD
>At 01:51 PM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
>>Hi Don,
>>Well, I tried this to no avail.  Same thing, after the first character of 
>>the first letter is sent, the rig is returned to RX while WL happily 
>>continues to send the rest of the Fkey message.  I can hear the rest of 
>>the msg in the rig's sidetone.
>>I talked to the owner of the laptop we're using and he suggested that I 
>>needed to use the VOX to key the radio.  If I use VOX, it operates 
>>essentially as QSK.  Shouldn't the PTT line stay keyed until the Fkey 
>>message has finished?
>>One thing to note, the owner of this computer uses a plain ole 1000MP, 
>>while mine is a Mark V Field.  Could this be an issue?  I was hoping to 
>>get a first hand look at WL for this contest, but....  grrrr.
>>Any other suggestions?  ;-)
>>Kelly - N0VD
>>At 01:29 PM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
>>>I've run into this (or something similar) before and solved it by the
>>>following procedure.
>>>Turn off everything including the rig.
>>>Turn on the computer but NOT the rig.
>>>Launch Writelog and set the ports as you have described. Note the rig is NOT
>>>turned on yet. Also select All mode PTT and CW Keyer Type- PC generates.
>>>Now turn ON the rig.
>>>That seems to work for me. BTW, I do use QSK but not VOX on the Mark V. Odd
>>>I never have a problem in DX4WIN but only in Writelog and this method always
>>>seems to work.
>>>GL, Don VE3XD
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>>> > Hello fellow WL users,
>>> >
>>> > I have an issue that I'm sure is an easy fix, but looking
>>> > through the archives I've not found an answer.
>>> >
>>> > Our group has decided to try CQWW this weekend and use WL as
>>> > the CW keyer.  We will be using a 1000 Mark V Field as the
>>> > rig.  The serial interface is built and seems to be polling
>>> > the rig for freq just fine.  However, the issue we are having
>>> > is that the rig keys fine for the first character of a
>>> > letter, then goes back into RX.  For instance, the rig keys,
>>> > sends a "dit" or "dah", then returns to RX and continues
>>> > sending the rest of the 'message'.
>>> >
>>> > I found a couple other posting stating the same problem, but
>>> > never saw any resolution.
>>> >
>>> > In the setup I have the following checked/set:
>>> >
>>> > Under Ports:
>>> > CW on COM1,
>>> > Rig Type = Yaesu FT-1KMP
>>> > Baud Rate = Auto
>>> > Poll = checked
>>> > Comm PTT = Sync (had it to Yes but didn't make any
>>> > difference) All Mode PTT on CW port RTS = checked CW Keyer
>>> > type = PC generates
>>> >
>>> > Under CW PTT:
>>> > Command rig on COM port = checked
>>> >
>>> > I have fiddled with the PTT to CW delay.  This seems to key
>>> > the rig for the amount of time I put in there before it
>>> > starts sending any CW, but again, after the first character
>>> > it puts the rig back in to RX.  WL version = 10.48F.
>>> >
>>> > If I use the VOX, I can run in QSK mode, but I don't want to
>>> > do that.  Shouldn't the rig stay keyed until the 'message'
>>> > has finished sending?
>>> >
>>> > Thanks for any help in the 11th hour!
>>> >
>>> > 73
>>> > Kelly - N0VD
>>> >
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