[WriteLog] New WL Wish List Enhancements

Kurszewski Chad-WCK005 chad at motorola.com
Mon Nov 29 12:46:08 EST 2004

> Since I'm on a bandwagon, I'll repeat my earlier Wish List
> request that spots generated by networked computers
> should appear in the Packet Spots window as well as in the
> Bandmap when WL is used in a multi-op configuration.  As it
> works currently I either have to shout across the room or
> walk over with a handwritten note to get these spots to
> appropriate operators if they're spotted outside the Bandmap
> limits.

I would like to (re) second this request.  The band map is
not the primary means of being notified of a new multiplier
or new station.  It is mostly helpful for S&Ping up or down
the band.  In addition, only a fraction of the bandmap is
visible at once and you may not see the new mult that has
been added.  The "Packet Announce" window is the primary means
of knowing what's the newest, and determining when and why
to QSY to work that new station or mult.  Also, spotting
that new juicy mult to the packetcluster is counter-
productive, as you'd have created a packet-pileup before
you've had a chance to work that station (can't work the
station due to a 10-minute rule, or QSY rule, etc.)

Please put the new bandmap entries also in the "Packet
Announce" window, along with the appropriate timestamp, etc.

Chad WE9V

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