[WriteLog] [RTTY] new FIX for cabrillo problem OK-RTTY

Andrei Nevis v49a at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 17:09:17 EST 2005

  I downloaded DC3HB's *ok_empty.wl* stuff, imported there my OK RTTYADIF file and.. I have the same score points without changing ini.file! 
  And I do have a Cabrillo file.
  73's Andrei EW1AR-NC2N

Don Hill AA5AU <aa5au at bellsouth.net> wrote:
  This did not work for my originally. I tried with both my 2003 and 2004 files
but still didn't work.

Bernd sent me an empty file which did work. I'll not finish the instructions on
my web site today, but for those wishing to use Bernd's file, you can download
it at http://rttycontesting.com/okrttyfix/ok_empty.wl as Bernd has given me
permission to make it public.

There is another catch here. When using Bernd's file, the Cabrillo file create
will show you in zone 14. This is because there is no Parameter Setup option in
WriteLog for the OK DX RTTY module. You will need to edit your Cabrillo file to
show the correct zone you are in. You can't simply do this by replacing zone 14
with your zone in one step in Notepad without precaution.

If using Notepad, you can use the Replace command to replace all 14 with your
zone, in my case 4 but two spaces in front of 14 in the "Find what" field and
put two spaces in front of your correct zone in the "Replace with" field and
then hit the "Replace all" button.

If this is confusing, you can wait until I finish the detailed instructions,
which won't be until tomorrow.

73, Don AA5AU

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Hi folks,

I found an other fix for the problem:

1) Export your OK-DX log in ADIF format
2) Close writelog
3) Make a copy of the wl file from the last year OK-RTTY
4) Open this copy with writelog
5) Mark all QSO's
6) Delete all QSO's (from last year...)
7) Import your new OK-DX ADIF file

and now create cabrillo...

If you don't have an old log from last year, you can use a empty file from an
other OM.

Bernd DC3HB 

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