[WriteLog] new FIX for cabrillo problem OK-RTTY

Bernd DC3HB dc3hb at freenet.de
Mon Dec 19 02:18:58 EST 2005

Hi folks,

I have analyzed the cabrillo problem and found the following.

The wl file structure seems to be ok. The problem is the missing parameter 
For this reason there is a zero in the file at the position for the zone. If 
there is a zero the known error message always then comes. I have replaced 
the zero with a zone and all is OK.

Now I have empty files for all zones. If you need this you can write me a 
mail with your zone and I send back the emty file for this zone.

Please read the tutorial from Don, AA5AU, for further instructions.


But you don't need to change your zone with notepad, if you use the right 

73, Bernd DC3HB 

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