[WriteLog] [RTTY] OK DX RTTY Cabrillo file workaround for WL users

Andrei Nevis v49a at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 19 14:09:13 EST 2005

My case was OK, I just punished myself. 
  Being unpatient, I did not wait from Don and Bernd and just replaced Zone 14 with Zone 5 Mannually. 
  WEll, it took me thirty minutes for 400 QSO's, no big deal, though.
  Thank you Bernd and Don, and see all you in Sartg New Year 2005 RTTY Contest!
  Happy Holidays to everyone!
  73's Andrei EW1AR-NC2N

Phil Cooper <pcooper at guernsey.net> wrote:
  Hi all,

Interesting! I tried following Bernd's suggestion on how to generate a
Cabrillo file, but in my case, I still ended up with this same error
Using Bernd's empty WL file, I successfully created the Cabrillo output.

This almost suggests that Bernd is using an older version of WL, but I now
wonder if this is due to skipping a particular update? I can't say that I
recall missing out an update, but I guess it is possible.

I even tried starting a new log, but I still wasn't able to set the Zone, so
it isn't fixable that way.

Let's it gets fixed before next year!

73 all


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