[WriteLog] MMTTY Plugin FSK Troubles

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Tue Dec 27 17:57:06 EST 2005

Is Com port 4 a USB derived port? If so is it capable of running 5 bit 
data? Many (most?) are not. If you have a motherboard or PCI derived com 
port, try it. Otherwise you made need to switch USB devices.

At 04:40 PM 12/27/2005, The Trench Family wrote:
>I'm really stuck and frustrated.  I want to run FSK keying.  The symptoms
>are that I am unable to get any FSK keying out of COM4 using the MMTTY
>I have been successful at getting things to play using the native MMTTY
>program, but unsuccessful at getting it to work with the MMTTY plug-in to
>I have also been successful at getting things to work when I set the TU TYPE
>to Dumb Terminal.
>I strongly suspect some type of software setup problem with Writelog,
>Rttyrite or the MMTTY plugin, but I can't isolate it.  (Configuration info
>is provided below.)
>A few other oddities:
>I use the LPT for CW and PTT.  (I have use Direct I/O.)  I have disabled
>Direct I/O, but something is still operating the PTT function.
>I have been successful at getting the MMTTY plug-in to play through COM1.
>Any thoughts or advice?
>73 Bud AA3B
>Here is the configuration information:
>Writelog version: 10.55D
>MMTTY version: 1.65D
>OS: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
>USB to Serial Adapter: Keyspan UPR 112
>ComPort 4
>Port Setup Menu - What is connected? settings for COM4:
>Rig Type = No Rig
>Baud Rate = Auto
>Poll is checked
>Comm PTT = Yes
>Port: COM4 checked
>MMTTY RTTY Control Panel Options Miscellaneous Tab:
>Sound + COM-TxD (FSK) checked
>USB Port A: Normal
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