[WriteLog] Continuously record

Gary Senesac AL9A al9a at pobox.mtaonline.net
Mon Mar 7 17:25:32 EST 2005

OK Hal, now make it four different QTHs you've fixed the continuously record
problem.  I checked the writelog.ini file and found the path pointed to a
folder named AudioRecording.  As I initially mentioned, somehow the folder
was wiped out and I created a new one name AudioRecord - close, but no
cigar!  After changing the folder name to match the ini file everything
works properly.  Wish I had figured this out BEFORE the contest!  Oh well,
the WPX is coming up soon and it should be good to go then.  Thanks a bunch!
73, Gary AL9A

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From: "Hal Kennedy" <halken at comcast.net>
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Subject: [WriteLog] Continuously record

> >From my experiences (I have fixed this at three different QTHs) the
> "continuously record" check box unchecking itself has always been caused
> WL trying to record to a subdirectory that does not exist, or to a disk
> is full, or to a disk that is write protected.
> Open writelog.ini and find the line under [Configuration] that looks like:
> RecordingLocation=c:\ham\AudioRecording\
> Make SURE that the directory and sub-directory actually exist on the drive
> EXACTLY as WL expects them to.  Otherwise - nil!
> Also, check all the way through writelog.ini [Configuration] and make sure
> the line has not become entered twice, pointing to two different drive
> locations.
> Hal
> N4GG
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