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BobK8IA@aol.com BobK8IA at aol.com
Mon Mar 7 19:15:23 EST 2005

I find this really intresting. Using WL the past 18 months and at  least 16 
contests I have never had a contest sponsor bounce anything back to me  at all. 
Plus, every log has gotten credited properly in the final standings  with 
nothing more sent from me than the WL produced Cabrillo file. 
73, Bob  K8IA
nr The Superstition Mtns
Arizona, USA


In a message dated 3/7/05 4:44:57 PM US Mountain Standard Time,  
davew9lya at juno.com writes:

I am  getting a little annoyed at having to edit the headings  on
Cabrillo-formatted logs produced by WriteLog.  The ARRL always  kicks back
my first submission; I have to reenter the contest line, both to  make
sure it is in the correct location and that it has the contest  listed
correctly; and I also have to remove excess lines that the  Cabrillo
engine rejects.  I assume that other contest promoter that  require (or at
least accept) Cabrillo logs, such as CQ, etc. will give me  the same

Specifically, this includes the CLAIMED SCORE  line and CREATED BY
WRITELOG V.**** line  <snip...snip>


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